What is Sail We Must ?

A Scottish cider and fruit distillate 'eau de vie' producer.

What is an 'eau de vie' ?

An alcoholic spirit or distillate made from the fermentation and distillation of fruit. It's clear, colourless and unaged.

What is natural cider ?

100% fermented apple juice with very little added or taken away. No concentrates, or dilution...

What is vacuum distilling ?

Vacuum distilling allow liquids to boil at very low temperatures, this means the liquid doesn't get cooked, allowing the capture of a purer 'raw' flavour. It's also very energy efficient compared to traditional distilling that boils at much higher temps and require lots of cooling water. These custom made vacuum stills run on a closed loop water cooling system that means a small amount of water is used for cooling and the same water gets used over and over again.