Sail We Must is a sustainable fruit distillate and cider producer.

Made with environmentally friendly, low impact raw materials from local growers, by-products of the wine industry and fruit surplus. Each product being a singular, pure form expression of each fruit.

Cider making with 100% apples and very little intervention, it's a slow process that allows flavours to present naturally.

Sustainable distilling in very small batches using vacuum stills that were designed and built in-house. The stills capture the brightest most vibrant flavours of the fruits by distilling at very low temperatures. This distilling method is kinder to the environment with minimal energy use or water demand compared to traditional distilling.

Independently owned and operated by Graham Michie, a distiller and former model maker with a passion for fabrication and flavour. Based in Sighthill, Edinburgh, at the Sweetdram Distillery.